Online Review and Bibliography of Boiotian Studies

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Supplement 1: Proceedings of the First International Conference on Boiotian Antiquities, edited by John M. Fossey and Albert Schachter (Montreal 1972)

J. M. Fossey, “Tilphossion?” (pp. 1-16)

A. Schachter, “Some Underlying Cults Patterns in Boeotia” (pp. 17-30)

R. J. Buck, “The Site of Ceressus” (pp. 31-40)

P. Vivante, “Pindar, Pythian XI, 1-11” (pp. 41-50)

S. Levin, “Boeotians Using their Dialect or Conforming to the National koine” (pp. 51-60)

P. Roesch, “Les Lois Fédérales Béotiennes” (pp. 61-70)

P. W. Wallace, “Boiotia in the Time of Strabo” (pp. 71-76)


Supplement 2: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Boiotian Antiquities, edited by John M. Fossey and Albert Schachter (Montreal 1979)

S. Symeonoglou, “On the Topography of Prehistoric Thebes” (pp. 1-2)

P. W. Wallace, “The Dikes in the Kopais” (pp. 3-6)

John M. Fossey, “Une base navale d’Epaminondas” (pp. 7-8)

John Buckler, “The Fort at Kyriáki and the Phokian Strategy of the Third Sacred War (pp. 15-17)

S. C. Bakhuizen, “On Boiotian Iron” (pp. 19-20)

R. J. Buck, “The Historical Traditions of Early Boeotia” (pp. 21-24)

Stephen J. Simon, “The Boiotian Concept of Democracy” (pp. 25-26)

Paul Roesch, “La citoyenneté fédérale en Béotie” (pp. 27-32)

Denis Knoepfler, “L’apport des deux nouveaux catalogues d’Hyettos à la chronologie des archontes fédéraux” (pp. 33-34)

Bogdan Rutkowski, “Mycenaean Pillar Cult in Boiotia” (pp. 35-36)

A. Schachter, “The Boiotian Herakles” (pp. 37-43)

Duane W. Roller, “Tanagran Mythology: a Localized System” (pp. 45-47)

Saul Levin, “Jocasta and Moses’ Mother Jechebed” (pp. 49-61)

R. A. Higgins, “Boiotian Terracottas” (pp. 63-65)

Keith Devries, “Oral Poets and Fibula Incisers” (pp. 67-70)

André Hurst, “ΩΤ ΜΕΛΙΣΣΑ: sur deux poèmes du jeune Pindare (Pyth. 10; Olymp. 14)” (pp. 71-77)   

W. J. Slater, “Pindar and Hypothekai” (pp. 79-82)

Paolo Vivante, “Korinna’s Singing Mountains” (pp. 83-86)


Supplement 3: Essays in the Topography, History and Culture of Boiotia, edited by Albert Schachter (Montreal 1990)

Gilbert Argoud, “Paul Roesch” (pp. 9-10), and “Bibliographie de Paul Roesch” (pp. 11-18)

Jost Knauss, “Zur Datierung der deukalionischen Flut in der Kopais” (pp. 19-25)

Hansjörg Kalcyk & Josef Weichenberger, “Die Katawothren am ehemaligen Kopaissee in Böotien, Vorlaüfiger Bericht über die Untersuchungen in den Jahren 1985-1988” (pp. 27-32)

Mark H. Munn & Mary Lou Zimmerman Munn, “On the Frontiers of Attica and Boiotia: the Results of the Stanford Skourta Plain Project” (pp. 33-40)

Robert J. Buck, “Boiotians in the Peloponnesian War, 432-404 B.C.”(pp. 41-55)

Margaret L. Cook, “Ismenias’ Goals in the Corinthian War” (pp. 57-63)

Slobodan Dusanić, “The Theages and the Liberation of Thebes in 379 B.C.” (pp. 65-70)

David M. Lewis, “The Synedrion of the Boeotian Alliance” (pp. 71-73)

John Buckler, “A Note on the Battle of Chaironeia in 338 B.C.” (pp. 75-80)

Aristoula Georgiadou, “A Note on Claviger’s emendation of Plutarch’s Text (Pel. 18.7)” (pp. 81-82)

Luisa Prandi, “Platea e Tebe nel 335 (Considerazioni sulle Fonti di Arr. I.8-9)” (pp. 83-87)

Brigitte Gullath, “Die Arbeiten des Krates zur Kopaisentwässerung im Spiegel der literarischen Überlieferung” (pp. 89-95)

Cinzia Bearzot, “A proposito dell’Attendibilità di Pausania. I Beoti nel Logos Celtico (X.19.4 ss.)” (pp. 97-102)

Albert Schachter, “Ovid and Boiotia” (pp. 103-109)

Ettore Cingano, “Lo strano Ingresso di Aiace nel Catalogo delle Donne esiodeo” (pp. 111-117)

Paola Angela Bernardini, “Iolao in Pindaro: un Eracle minore?” (pp. 119-123)

Paolo Vivante, “Pindar Pythian XII” (pp. 125-127)

Alina Veneri, “Posidone e l’Elicona: alcune Osservazioni sull’Antichità e la Continuità di una Tradizione mitica Beotica” (pp. 129-134)

Saul Levin, “Evidence from Boeotian on the Attic Dipththong OY” (pp. 135-138)

Duane W. Roller, “The Boiotian Pig” (pp. 139-144)

Simon Cornelis Bakhuizen, “Impressions of Boeotia: A Review Article” (pp. 145-148)

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